49cc Scooter

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50cc Scooter

If you're thinking about buying a 50cc scooter here are a few good reasons to do so. They're very convenient. A 50cc can be operated in most countries with a drivers license, this is nice because you don't have to go through the rigors of getting a motorcycle license. Probably the most important reason is the cost. Most scooters don't require a whole lot of fanfare because most users are interested in results or better still value. Everyone wants the most they can get for their hard earned money. A 50cc is economical as far as purchase price, it requires very little maintenance and very little cost to register. Although as a rule of thumb we can never overemphasize your own due diligence when making a purchase of anything that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

2-stroke engine

There are three different types of 50cc as far as the power you get from the scooter. The first one is the 2 stroke engine on the 50cc, it has more get up and go than a 4 stroke engine, but it can be loud. You may have to add more oil than you would want to, not that it's bad to do so, but it can become somewhat of an annoyance. The fuel does not have to be pre-mixed, which is good, the reason being the new designs of 50cc have a compartment for the scooters oil. A 2 stroke engine still gives great performance with a little extra tender loving care.

4-stroke engine

The 4 stroke engine can be compared to a mini bike. Brands make all the difference in the world and some brands just don't deliver (we will tell you the brand we think will give you want you want later) just make sure you ride it before you buy it and try to ride it where there is a hill.  Some brands will not go over 25 mph when traveling up a steep hill. But on the very positive side the 4 stroke engine does not have to have as much oil maintenance as the 2 stroke. The engine can be treated almost the same as a car engine. The oil may need to be changed every 500 to 1000 miles.

Electric scooter

The next is pretty new and it is the electric scooter. A word of caution concerning this type of scooter make sure the scooter can be registered and make sure you find out how fast it will go and make sure of the range when charged. A electric scooter was released in the U.S. and it can reach a top speed of 80 mph and can go up to 150 miles per charge.

TaoTao Thunder

 One of the better 50cc scooters is manufactured by TaoTao and is called the Thunder. It has a sleek look and it is very dependable. It is more durable on flat surfaces and when riding uphill some acceleration will be lost.  Wen you think about it, it makes sense. More power is required because you're traveling uphill, this will cause the 50cc to work a little harder. It's not like you will not make it up a steep hill, but there will be a slight loss in speed. You will find this happens in most 50cc scooters.

The use of theThunder is important, will it be used for city riding or going to the office or just for college. How the scooter is used will determine how much use the rider will get out of it. The speedometer tops out at 50 mph, as it does in most 50cc scooters. It has hydraulic disc brakes with front and rear hand operation. Like most scooters you get great mileage up to 115 mpg with the Thunder. Compare this scooter with other 50cc scooters and you will find that you will not be disappointed by it's price or it's safety or it's ride.


DIMENSION:  L×W×H(mm)                          1780×640×1120
                         Wheel Base(mm)                  1250
                         Ground Clearance(mm)       110
                         Seat Light(mm)                       750
                         N.W  (LBS)                               190
                         G.W. (LBS)                                200

ENGINE:     Serial                                            1P39QMB 4STROKE
                      Bore×Stroke   (mm)                  39×41.5
                      Displacement  (ml)                   49.6
                      Compress Rate                        10.4:1
                      Max Power  (kW/r/min)             2.4/7000±500
                      Rated Power  (kW/r/min)         2.1/6500±500
                      Max Torque  (N·m/r/min)         3.6/6000±500
                      Idle Speed  (r/min)                   1700±100
                      Fuel Consumption  (g/kW·h) 400
                     Start                                             Electric / Kick
                     Ignition                                        C.D.I
                     Transmission                            V-Belt

Fuel System:   Carb.                                     Shengwey PD19J
                           Fuel Tank  (L)                      4.90

Driven System:    Rim(F/R)                          2.15×12  /  2.15×12 Alloy Rim
                               Tire(F/R)                          120/70-12   /  120/70-12  Huajian

Brake System:  Brake Type           F            Hydraulic Disc
                                                            R           Drum
                            Operation Type    F            Hand Operation
                                                           R            Hand Operation

Electric System:     Spark Plug Type / Gap(mm) A7RTC  /  0.6?0.7
                                  Battery Type                 12V 5Ah
                                  Head Light                    Double Light(LED)

Main Performance:  Max Speed (km/h)      52
                                    Start Time(s)               15           
                                    Rconomic Fuel Consumption(L/100km)   2.0