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There all types of 150cc scooters such as, type 04, type 74, type PN and the list goes on and on. There are some subtle  differences in the different types of scooters, but in reality not much.  Performance and cost is what most consumers are  looking for, everyone is trying to find the best value for the buck! Motor scooters have a long history they are not new to  the scene, but the popularity of them has gone up tremendously, scooters are seen as another way of travel in rural and  urban areas.  You can probably say the reason for such popularity is because of gas prices worldwide. There is not only a  noticeable difference in the gas mileage you get from owning a scooter but the economical savings from owning one is just as  good as well. A 150cc scooter offers more as far as mileage and performance than a 49cc scooter or a 125cc scooter and when  you think about it the reason is obvious, the bigger the better. By better the 150cc is faster, goes farther on a tank of  gas and is a tad bit more safer. Highway and freeway driving can be done with a 150cc because of the power it provides most  can reach speeds up to 80 mph with no modifications having been done to the scooter.

A 150cc scooter by definition is more powerful than a 50cc and other smaller scooters but the ride can have a feeling of  just chugging along. It can seem as if it is taking a lot of work for the 150cc to get to a smooth speed. Know that this may  be caused due to a small washer in the drivetrain or the variator of the scooter. This will prohibit the scooter from  obtaining top speeds. Taking this piece out is totally legal and will improve the speed of the scooter greatly, however make  sure you know what you are doing or find someone qualified enough to do this for you. Also know that by doing this you may  be required to register the scooter because of the modification.

We live in a environmentally conscience world and the 150cc has been manufactured to cater to the environment by way of small  carbon emissions which equates to less pollution in the air.  Scooters have been known to have better emissions than cars,  as much as 20% better. The ride is smooth and the open air on a nice sunny day makes it all worth while, you may even forget  about the money you are saving when riding one...maybe.

If you want a decent 150cc scooter you can expect to spend between $1,900 and $5,000 dollars.  In some circles this may seem a bit expensive but when compared to a new car or a new motorcycle you will see the cost of a scooter is not that expensive  considering what you'll get out of it. There are quite a few 150cc scooters to choose from and I firmly believe a  recommendation is very subjective I can only give my perspective of what I like in a scooter and hopefully it is generic  enough to satisfy a person not looking for a lot of bells and whistles. So the following will be what I think are very good  scooters and hopefully you will agree.

 MotoBravo 150cc Phantom GTX Gas Scooter

A very stylish scooter that has larger 13" tires, front hydraulic disc brake, can easily handle two passengers. A rock solid GY6150cc motor. Electronic ignition, quick acceleration, excellent fuel economy, low emissions, low maintenance, plenty of storage space under the seat.


Carbon Fiber Front Fender
Upgraded Guages with Tachometer
Wider Stance
LED body blinkers  
Adjustable Custom Suspension  
Over Sized Air-Intake  
Premium Electrical Compnents
Motorcycle Style Rear Mud Flap (removable)
60+ Miles Per Hour
Front | Rear Disc Brakes
Rear Dual Adjustable Suspension
Aftermarket Aluminum Muffler Upgrade
5 Star Aluminum Painted Wheels
85 MPG
Sport Tuned Suspension (STS)
Front ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) Disc Brake
Low Profile Sport Performance Tires
Catalyzed Performance Exhaus


Engine: single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooling
Displacement: 150cc
Starter: electric / kick
Max Speed: 55 + mph
Tank Capacity: 3.1 gallon
Tire Size F/R: 4–12 / 4–12
Brake: (F) disc & (R) drum
Wheel Base: 60 inches
Ground Clearance: 4.33 inches
Dimension: 83 x 30 x 53 (inch)
N.W. / G.W: 320 lbs / 379 lbs

BMS Apache 150cc Scooter

A BMS Apache, will definitely get attention with it's sleek look and nice design. A very nice scooter that has more thanenough for any rider. With a dual starting system, hydraulic ABS disc brakes, upgraded suspension system, and 4-strokeengine. A fully automatic transmission and kill switch provide a convenient and safe ride.


Engine/Drive TrainDisplacement:  150cc, 4 Stroke  
Horsepower:  11 HP  
Max Power [kw/(r/min)]:  6.3/7500  
Max Torque [n.m/(r/min)]:  9.2/5500  
Cooling System:  Air  
Transmission:  Automatic CVT  
Drive:  Belt  
Starter:  Electric / Kick  
Ignition:  CDI  
Top Speed:  55+ MPH (Depending upon Riders Weight and Road Conditions)  
Chassis / Suspension / Brakes
Frame:  High Strength Steel  
Front Suspension:  Hydraulic Telescopic Fork  
Rear Suspension:  Twin Shock  
Front Brakes:  Hydraulic Disc  
Rear Brakes:  Drum
Front Tires:  120/70-12  
Rear Tires:  120/70-12
Controls / Safety
Lighting:  Headlights, Turn Signals, Tail Lights, Brake Lights  
Controls:  Horn, Headlight Switch, Front / Rear Brake Handles, Instrument Panel, Keyed Ignition, Kick Start, Safety Shut Off Switch  

Capacities / Dimensions
Weight Capacity:  681 Lbs  
Fuel Capacity:  1.2 Gallons  
Length:  73"  
Width:  27"  
Height:  47"  
Seat Height:  31"  

Free:  Free Shipping, Decals, Tool Kit, Trunk
Government Certifications:  EPA Approved, DOT Approved Street Legal, California CARB Approved  

Additional Info
Assembly:  This Item comes 95% assembled (mirror & trunk assembly may be required). Be sure to tighten all screws and check
for appropriate levels of engine fluid prior to operation.
Limited Warranty:  12 Months or 12,000 Miles