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49cc Scooter

There are a few scooter manufacturers on the market that make 49cc scooters and just like cars no one wants a lemon. With the economy being they way it is we all need to take advantage of any savings opportunity we run across, and this one happens to be about scooters. The 49cc scooter is not built for speed, most of them top out at 35 mph. You can modify the scooter to do exactly what you want it to do as far as speed and power. And there is a ton of information on the internet that explains how to customize the scooter. This is nice especially if you live in an area that has steep hills. One other thing to keep in mind is, because they are not as powerful as a larger scooter the amount of weight that is placed on the scooter can create unpredictable handling in the scooter. So be mindful of what you're loading onto it, you don't want to weigh it down too much.

Find out if the city/country you live requires some sort of license to ride it. In most places all you need is your drivers license to ride a 49cc scooter. Also check on whatever state you're in concerning the laws for riding it.  There are numerous benefits to riding a scooter with fun being number one on the list.


A 49cc scooter manufactured by TaoTao is considered one of the best scooters for the money. The company has been in exsistence since 1985 and some of their main products are motorcycles, electric vehicles and ATVs. Their products have been Quality Management certified by the EPA, CE, EEC, UL, ISO9001:2000 and CARB. There are numerous reviews on the scooter and we ALWAYS recommend everyone do their own due diligence when making a substantial purchase.

TaoTao ATM50-A1

A particular model we are fond of is the TAOTAO ATM50-A1.  It is quite the charmer for people looking for that nice 49cc engine to get them where they need to go. You get excellent gas mileage with the scooter, you get up to 90 to 120 miles per gallon, and it is street legal and has all the necessary bells and whistles, like headlight, turn signals, brake light, and instrument cluster.

It can get up to 40 mph and is very good on steep hills. It has an electric start that requires a key and also a kick start, if the battery should happen to die. The standard disc front and the rear drum brake make stop and go on the scooter safe as safe can be. It is also DOT approved. The scooter is fully automatic and all it takes is a twist of the throttle and off you go. .

There is some assembly required (if you want to do it yourself) like handlebars, front wheel, front fender, the trunk (an attachment) and the kick stand. With two people and basic hand tools it should take approximately 30 minutes to get it ready for use. If you're looking for an affordable 49cc scooter and you have not found one yet check this one out and see if it is not everything you want in a scooter.

ATM50-A1 Specifications


Engine Size:    GY6 49cc 4-Stroke
Start Type:    Electric with keys, kick start back up
Transmission:    Fully Automatic
Drive:    CVT
HP:    3.5
Cooling:    Air Cooled
Ignition:    CDI
Top Speed:    40 mph
Fuel Capacity:    1.4gal


Front Brakes:    Disc
Rear Brakes:    Drum
Tire Front:    100/60 - 10 inches Steel Rims
Tire Rear:    100/60 - 10 inches Steel Rims
Suspension Front(inch):    Hydraulic
Suspension Rear(inch):    Hydraulic Spring
Controls:    Twist Throttle, Fully Automatic
Lighting:    Headlights, Brake, Blinkers, Street Legal


Dry Weight:    250 lbs
Length:    67.32
Width:    30.7
Height:    51.57
Weight Capacity:    225 lbs

Honda Ruckus

Another 49cc scooter manufacturer that has been around for a very long time and does not require any promotion on it's reputation, as a matter of fact it is and has been a household name and that name is Honda.

The Ruckus 49cc scooter is flashy and gives a better than average ride. The gas mileage you get is fantastic, you can get up to 114 mpg. It has an automatic transmission (Honda V-matic) which means there is no shifting involved. It has an electric starter with a key and with a push of a button you're darting in and out of traffic. What else is there really to say about a Honda. reliable, dependable, a little pricey, but gets the job done.



Engine Type    49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Induction    15mm CV carburetor with automatic choke
Ignition    CD
Bore And Stroke    37.8mm x 44mm
Compression Ratio    11.9:1


Transmission    Automatic V-Matic belt drive


Front Suspension    Twin-downtube fork; 2.2 inches travel
Rear Suspension    Single shock; 2.6 inches travel
Front Brake    Drum
Rear Brake    Drum
Front Tire    120/90-10
Rear Tire    130/90-10


Wheelbase    49.8 inches
Seat Height    29.0 inches
Curb Weight    194 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required

fluids and a full tank of fuel-ready to ride)
Fuel Capacity    1.3 gallons